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  • Thomasine & Bushrod
  • The Saddest Music in the World
  • Nine Days
  • The Long Goodbye

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  • Backdraft


  • The Dead Pool


  • The Last Duel


  • Halloween Kills


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  • Backdraft



    A movie that’s young dumb and full of… explosions. 

    Lengthy, biblical, drenched in emotive extravagance and fuses soapy melodrama with destructive spectacle with a proto-Michael Bay posture. 

    Shame Ron Howard would mostly lean towards the melodrama through the later portions of his career. 

    The writing can get a lil’ sappy at times but it’s fine cause we’re mostly here to be wow’d 

    And wow’d you will. Especially with Hans Zimmer going nuts on that score - mf loves to present…

  • The Dead Pool

    The Dead Pool


    Bit of a bummer that the Dirty Harry series, one that has pleasantly surprised me thus far, ends with a film that is messy more than dirty.

    While Hotel Satan is a gnarly name for an in-movie b-horror flick, the scenes between Liam Neeson & Jim Carey’s character… the personality of the villain; all of it felt like something out of another picture.

    Speaking of, the visual style replaces the trademark urban grit with a flashier aesthetic to match the standard…

Popular reviews

  • Titane



    In the hyper-confrontational post-Internet realm of culture we live in, it’s difficult to be truly, genuinely shocked by a movie. 

    Enter Julia Ducournau…  a director who’s works feel more like PAIN SIMULATORS than they do motion pictures… digging elbow deep into what makes us as humans squirm & flinch while examining the unconditional ties that bind. 

    Vincent Lindon excels as a behemoth but broken stature of ideal masculinity — crushingly wrestling between the desire to care and the emasculating need to be cared. 

    A world simultaneously human & alien laden with horrific, hilarious details. What cinema is all about baby.

  • Sudden Impact

    Sudden Impact


    Rocky and meandering in the beginning, with the most unbelievable and trite writing in a courtroom scene outside of a Tyler Perry movie. Yet even in the weaker moments Clint, acting directing and producing this time, provided sensational characterization.

    Once the plot develops into the shoreside revenge story with an INCREDIBLE English bulldog sidekick named MEATHEAD, things get interesting, funny, intriguing & dark - more than any other Dirty Harry sequel. You see, Harry is on vacation trying to “relax” but…