Sound of Metal

Sound of Metal ★★★★★

rewatched, but this time with my parents.
my dad is a pilot. he’s 72 now, and he’s been flying since he was 19. as a result, he’s lost some hearing and has a permanent ringing in his ears. when i told him what this film was about, he knew it would resonate with him. hearing and seeing his reactions to the film broke my heart, but i knew that it meant a lot to him to see that part of him represented. the frustration in particular: i’ve seen it firsthand. my mom and i repeating sentences for him and he gets upset, then we get upset. one time my dad was outside with our dog, and my mom yelled our dog’s name from inside because she thought he ran away. she was panicking, and my dad didn’t hear her. the anger and frustration is so real. riz ahmed portrayed this so perfectly. i truly believe this film did such a beautiful job at showing deafness and loss and how to find peace in the silence and stillness. i’m so thankful for films like this that open people’s eyes and offer other perspectives.

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