Under the Skin ★★★½

I really appreciate this film’s artistry. The cinematography is stunning and there’s a lot of really creative storytelling going on, and I enjoyed the Kubrick-esque opening scene. I had to watch this for my film music course so I was paying very close attention to sound and score they did a great job with it. I’d say that this film didn’t completely disappoint, but it wasn’t as mind-blowing as I hoped in terms of its story (the visuals really did amaze me though). And there is some meaning behind it but whether that meaning is something actually valuable i’m not really sure to be honest. 
I’m definitely going to give this another watch in the future, alone this time, to be able to properly give my very full attention to the film and hopefully my eyes will be opened on some aspects of the film.

also scarlett johansson’s accent was lowkey shite but i dinnae ken, i don’t blame the hen.

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