Sunshine ★★★★★

Ponderous, somber, spectacular : "Sunshine" is one of my favorite Sci-fi films from the past ten years and further proof that Danny Boyle continues to challenge himself and his audience by dipping into and providing surprising depth to various film genres. This film has so much going for it: an interesting international cast (Benedict Wong, Hiroyuki Sanada, and Cliff Curtis are my faves), excellent production design, and a great soundtrack that doubles superbly as a great electronica chill out album. The uproarious horror elements of the third act continue to grow on me as the scope of what these scientists are trying to accomplish becomes larger and ever more complex as they reach their goal. Love how all the camera tricks and editting create a sense of heart stomping dread. Cillian Murphy's silent scream in his spacesuit as he crosses the void of space to reach the payload still blows me away and still stands as a great moment of visual wonder perfectly balanced with human drama.