The Amazing Spider-Man

Just completely lacking in interest from me from beginning to end which is mostly because this blockbuster has absolutely no conviction in terms of what it is or knows how to honestly convey a sense of visual wonder and earnestness in its own story and characters.

I went into this thing with pretty low expectations, with my main problem being that from everything that I had seen in the trailers and such that this superhero just didn't need another reboot because there just wasn't enough of a hook. I was right: the film features a backstory on our main hero that seems overly contrived and confused, it wastes its great actors: Garfield spends most if his time sulking, Emma Stone's Gwen Stacey spends most of her time waiting on the sidelines, and Sally Field(who has always been great at communicating the complex levels of grief to her audiences) isn't given much of a storyline while Martin Sheen's Uncle Ben is taken out of the picture way too soon for us to be able to get any sense of his connection to anyone in the story. In general, I felt like the writers felt the express need to steamroad through all the backstory to get to the "action" as soon as possible. The action sequences themselves didn't have much hold either- they are confused in terms of theirs sense of environment, don't feel epic scale (mostly dark and claustrophobic for the most part) and aren't buoyed by a great score which is a travesty as this is James Horner. Just not a memorable film in any way and I don't see the justification in it being made. :(