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This review may contain spoilers.

This and Infinity War have, to me, become of the best double features in recent history. Like Kill Bill 1 and 2, or Star Wars and The Empire Strikes Back. And like both of those, the two films are vastly different, in ways that bring out the best in both. After the freakish roller coaster ride that is Infinity War, it's quite refreshing for this film to start off so... mundane. There's hardly a lick of action for the first act, and even in the second act there's not a lot of it. Even the first Avengers film, which seems quaint in comparison to this, has more action overall.

But thanks to the plot escalation twist that is old Thanos, the film ends on a massive setpiece with all the fan service and emotional devastation you could ask for. That arc light turning off in Tony's chest is starting to have a Pavlovian effect on me the more I see it. If you want your audience to really bawl their eyes out when a character dies (or me at least), you should have a metaphorical stand-in for death. For Tony it's visual. It's the light being snuffed out. But if a character has a recognizable musical motif... maybe have it play faintly when they go.

The only thing I'd really change is adding another soul stone scene when Hulk brings everyone back. Not only to further show she's not coming back, but a lot of crazy shit happens soon after, so a quick breather beforehand would help a lot.

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