The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel ★★★★

Feige: Okay, run it through me one last time.

Rian Johnson: Okay, it's really quite simple. I like the Grand Budapest Hotel, and I want to use it as inspiration in this little murder mystery I'm working on.

Paul King: I also like The Grand Budapest Hotel, and I want to model it for my sequel to Paddington.

Christopher Nolan: And I'm just here because Mr. Anderson ripped off the framing device from my own movie, The Prestige.

Feige: Well frankly, Chris, I don't think you were the originator of that particular structural... choice. Were you?

Chris: Decidedly not.

Feige: And why did you two come to me again?

Paul: You were a neutral party.

Kevin: So Rian wants a piece of the Budapest, and so does Paul. Does anyone care what I want?

Chris: I care.

Kevin: Shut up. Get out.

Christopher leaves.

Kevin: Here is my judgment: Rian gets to make his next movie about the family conspiracy surrounding the deceased's will and inheritance. Paddington gets the prison escapades. Does that sound alright?

Rian and Paul accept

Kevin: Good. (a beat) What are you waiting for, a medal? Get outta here!

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