John Wick: Chapter 2

John Wick: Chapter 2 ★★★★★

These films are their own breed. We follow who would otherwise be considered a slasher horror villain through an operatic, unconventionally-lit neo-noir 80s era action film. Greek Gods walk in oblivion among average citizens, and this second instalment in particular plays to that beautifully, continuously bringing up a backdrop of towering Greek Mythological sculptures, and setting a great portion of the film in Rome, one of the hearts of ancient mythos. But it all centres back to Mr. Wick, the Devil on Earth, and his descent into Hell. Not once in this film is John pictured going up stairs, even up an elevator. He only goes down; down, down again and again until he reaches a place where he finally, literally, looks back at himself in every direction. He has a thirst. Vengeance has become his addiction, because the void of his lost wife and the illness that killed her will never be avenged. That is why the endlessness, the eventual folding in of the violence here works. Because as John withers away into his vengeful, rage-filled self, we become addicted along side him. Messy blood splatters on clean, white glass look utterly delectable. The film ends with John running, finally realizing the Devil he is, relishing in his unstoppable nature. But vulnerability may have finally found him. These films are their own breed; a true symphony of vengeance, and I AM HERE FOR IT.

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