Suicide Squad

Suicide Squad

Worst of the worst is right.

Character development done solely (literally in no other way) through a 30 minute montage of exposition where characters talk about about the titular characters, and flashy, extensively long pieces of text barf on the screen for long enough to only read the first two words. We don't even really meet the main "heroes" until the second act. Whoever edited this cared as little about who these characters are as I do now. Also of note is that this 30 minute montage that takes up the entire first act only focuses on a particular few members of the squad, thereby opening up both confusion when other members suddenly appear later, and even more confusion when they eventually abruptly exit the plot. A villain both horribly performed and written, with an army of humanoid bags of gravel lend nothing to the already character-void, meaningless mess this is either. Will Smith and Joel Kinnaman are standouts in that Deadshot and Rick Flag are the most compelling of the bunch, with Jai Courtney's Captain Boomerang being the most entertaining. I could say Margot Robbie was also good, but based on the sense of information this film provides, I could probably tell you more about Harley Quinn's butt than I could about her character. "SHE'S CRAZY!" Ha, I get it - she's crazy. WB seems to have yet to learn that fun≠good and jokes+good music≠fun. Especially when the jokes are inorganic and completely unfunny when no character context is provided, and the music cues burst out uninvited during conversations only to then end shortly after. The big beam-shooting-into-the-sky/overdramatized slo-mo nonsense/awful CGI final battle is as bad as ever, as it tries to tie loose ends on character arcs that we either haven't learned enough about, or haven't had enough time to sit on. A scene in a bar that takes place shortly before the finale gives us the only slight bit of sentiment and dynamic in the whole film, briefly tying characters together through understanding and connection with each other, only to end and never have a later resolution. The film could've used a friendly ending with the characters finally coming to terms and bonding, but nope *SPOILERS* Joker's breakin' Harley outta prison! The End, cut to black, role credits. Leto is awful, by the way. His performance oozes "I'm trying so hard!" but with the meaningless material he's given to work with, it's painful to watch. Not methodical or menacing like say Jesse Eissenberg's Lex Luthor (yup), just stupid and blandly assertive. Think Jamie Foxx's Electro. In addition, nearly everyone else (even Viola Davis) are all the worst kind of edgy cartoon characters, exhaustively over-acting their asses off. I'm shocked by the amount of reviews I've seen saying this is better than Batman v Superman. Where Batman v Supermam was Snyder's meditative and visually spectacular vision on the world's mythical figures and modern terror, Suicide Squad is nothing - a film, if even that. Meaningless, visionless, character-void bullshit to the overload. Fuck this movie. I'd say it's this year's Fant4stic, but Fant4stic was at least competently-shot.

Catwoman aside, this might be the worst comic book film I've ever seen.

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