Ant-Man and the Wasp ★★★

Convenience: The Movie.

Wasp's performance is largely the bright spot in the movie. Her solo (and the movie's first) action sequence is killer and draws you in. She's the star and it's plenty obvious.

The movie blends comedy with the action fairly well - especially Ant-man's antics in the climax. Cassie's short time on the screen is also precious and Luis is still funny. Together, it makes for a light-hearted successor to Infinity War.

But, Ant-Man is underwhelming. For a superhero, he relies on his supporting cast a little too much, especially for moral guidance. Maybe that's his schtick, but no passes given for that. It's hard to shake off the discount-deadpool vibes sometimes.

The plot in the movie advances in two primary ways:
1. Gibberish/Unexplained "Quantum" stuff (the movie does go meta on it, but it is still tiring)
2. Stupidity on the main characters' part. The villains feel paper thin and Ghost does nothing to alleviate it.

Overall, It's a fine superhero flick. The highs make it a worthy watch. But there is a lot to be nit-picked, and in the over-saturated superhero bulletin, fine doesn't quite cut it.