2001: A Space Odyssey

2001: A Space Odyssey ★★★★½

this is one of the most visually stunning films i've ever seen. of course as a person who's watching this film in 2021, these effects aren't new or interesting to me but god man imagine you're in 1968 & you experience this. that's pretty fucking impressive for 53 years ago. it must've been the 20th century's Interstellar. actually, this is better than Interstellar because now we do have the technology to make such films but for example, this film was released decades before computer graphics would be able to simulate the effect of the rotating set which Kubrick has spent $750.000 on since they didn't have the technology back then. not only that, this was released before we even sent a man to the moon. Stanley Kubrick was a mastermind and you can’t change my mind. (why does this rhyme i hate it)

"New Zealand journalist Scott MacLeod sees parallels between the spaceship's journey and the physical act of conception. We have the long, bulb-headed spaceship as sperm, and the destination planet Jupiter (or the monolith floating near it) as the egg, and the meeting of the two as the trigger for the growth of a new race of man (the "star child"). The lengthy pyrotechnic light show witnessed by David Bowman, which has puzzled many reviewers, is seen by MacLeod as Kubrick's attempt at visually depicting the moment of conception when the "star child" comes into being. Taking the allegory further, MacLeod argues that the final scenes in which Bowman appears to see a rapidly ageing version of himself through a "time warp" is actually Bowman witnessing the withering and death of his own species. The old race of man is about to be replaced by the "star child", which was conceived by the meeting of the spaceship and Jupiter."

i'm sorry but how clever is this? genuinely left me speechless. the techniques used in this film are also mind-blowingly genius (rotating sets, front projection, slit-scan photography...). since they obviously didn't have the computer technology to provide these sort of effects, they had to use their brains and do things manually which is pretty fucking impressive to me. apparently, Hitchcock helped Kubrick with the slit-scan photography that he used in Vertigo (1958).

i must also say that Keir Dullea's acting was exceptionally brilliant in this. he delivers the emotions very well and honestly carried the whole film. 

this film is amazing but isn't flawless. Kubrick doesn't rush to tell the story which is something some people don't mind but well, i do. the whole film was SO slow and felt like 7 hours long that you find yourself not being able to focus on what's happening anymore. plus, the film itself is around three hours long and only 40 minutes contain dialogue. the director intended 2001: A Space Odyssey to be a visual experience but because of that, the lack of talking makes you ask for meanings which constantly leaves you in some kind of confusion that genuinely tires you during the film. finally, this soundtrack isn't really "bad" but i do think that a film as professional as this deserved a better one.

overall this is an incredible film, definitely a must-watch.

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