Duvidha ★★★★★

Simply celestial craft, a connoisseur of Indian art, music and literature, Mani Kaul was cinema in short. His boundless imagination and mastery over composing a scene by impeccable framing, detailed object oriented storytelling, perfect utilization of space and time just turns a rural Rajasthani folklore into visual poetry the rhythms of which effortlessly pierces your soul and continues to ring within you long after the credits begin to roll. The concept of duality never appears so alluring, also Kaul's multi-layered narrative digs into the bride's aching melancholy, the striking images of her walking along the narrow doorways and the piercing eyes through the colourful veil only flourishes his exploration. One cant help but admire after observing Kaul's way of practising restraint yet the hidden desires and fertile imaginations of women goes into full bloom, the characters appear as if trapped inside a Rajasthani miniature style painting that can give tough challenges to even European arthouse cinema. Kaul is rapidly escalating upwards through the ranks of my all time favourite filmmakers.