Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi ★★★

This is not a badly written film, I would say it has an uninteresting structure.
I do not like films where an important dramatic point in the narrative are brushed over in montage and then are referenced in an other scene. The movie does not show what kind of a relationship did Vivek and his ex girlfriend . We do not know what kind of relationships those characters had, and he makes a reference to them having multiple fights, but we never see that in the montage.
The film found its pace and rythm, when it moved to Goa. Some of the jokes done by Kaushik were hilarious and I hope he doesn't become like a side comedian. Vishwak Sen and Sushanth Reddy are given a lot to work with and they do deliever. Kaushik and Upendra's character description is on the surface level, but Kaushik's comic timing makes him stand out.
Sushant Reddy has a movie star screen presence. There is something about him that makes me happy, whenever he is on screen. The camera loves him a lot.
Vishwak Sen's character started out as awful and by the end, he is redeemed by his accpetance of his own fear and insecurities.
It's good watch, if you are watching it on Netflix.