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  • Una


    Sorry, but the whole message of the movie felt like: „He isn’t a bad guy. He REALLY loved that 13 years old girl!“ 

    The acting was great, the movie intense but ... no. 

    (I really hoped that Scott was going to kill Ray, giving Una some kind of peace of mind.)

  • Ocean's 8

    Ocean's 8


    Four words: Cate Blanchett in suits.

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  • The Snowman

    The Snowman

    1* for a movie with Michael Fassbender. Ouch. What happened?  Let’s look at it.

    - All the characters are so unreal (plus strange/awkward conversations and behavior - not the „cool stuff“ more like „aliens wrote that movie and still don’t know how humans interact with each other“).

    - The plot feels unstructured and „shapeless“. 

    - Not even all the good actors (Fassbender, Gainsbourg) could save the movie because even them failed in „The Snowman“. It‘s like they tried too hard…

  • Bed Bugs

    Bed Bugs

    Half porn, half “Mimimi, we’re poor men and fuck those women who don’t want to have sex with us, mimimi, she was wearing a push-up bra OF COURSE she wanted to have sex with me so I tried to rape her”. Made into a (bad) comedy. Wow. Yeah, there’s something like dark humor but this movie is just disgusting and makes you sad (as a woman).

    And the worst of all: there’s not an ending that will tell you that this behavior is wrong.

    Cinema showed it as a Sneak Preview. Some people left soon after the start - why didn’t I follow them??