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  • Come and Find Me

    Come and Find Me

    This movie was so boring, I couldn’t even make it till the end. Whenever you think that it’s going to be interesting, there’s a senseless and boring flashback scene. 🤷‍♀️

  • Bright



    The setting is interesting and the whole world but ... meh. It would have been way better as a tv serie. The movie felt too rushed and too stuffed. This leads to more tiring moments than moments full of fascination.

    Edit: Didn‘t realize it’s from David Ayer. Now that I know it ... yeah, it’s like Suicide Squad meets fantasy. And I really didn’t like Suicide Squad.

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  • Fikkefuchs


    Half porn, half “Mimimi, we’re poor men and fuck those women who don’t want to have sex with us, mimimi, she was wearing a push-up bra OF COURSE she wanted to have sex with me so I tried to rape her”. Made into a (bad) comedy. Wow. Yeah, there’s something like dark humor but this movie is just disgusting and makes you sad (as a woman).

    And the worst of all: there’s not an ending that will tell you that this behavior is wrong.

    Cinema showed it as a Sneak Preview. Some people left soon after the start - why didn’t I follow them??

  • Nocturnal Animals

    Nocturnal Animals


    Tom Ford made my favorite movie of all times: A Single Man.

    I thought „Nocturnal Animals“ might be similar but ... I didn’t feel it. The look was fantastic and the soundtrack is gorgeous. The actors are great, especially Michael Shannon. 

    But in the end it feels like a „not that deep story“ is really trying to look like a „very deep, deep story“. It felt like one of those modern art pictures. A white canvas with some colourful sprinkles. Everyone sees a hidden meaning but ... it‘s just a white canvas with colourful sprinkles. Really disappointed..