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  • Maggie



    this was so aesthetically pleasing i'm so sad that it bored me (a little)

  • Swallow



    aesthetically, this movie moved me. the colors, the shots, the meaning behind every single one of them? a work of art.
    and the fact that it screams a powerful feminist message, that it just shows once again that our bodies do not belong to us but to the men, it just killed me. she's just a vessel that's carrying a child to them and once she realizes, a little too late, that she's lost her freedom ? she tries to get it back in unorthodox ways. haley bennett is phenomenal in this. honestly i fell in love in the movie theatre tonight.

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  • Keep an Eye Out

    Keep an Eye Out


    c'est pour ça

  • Chungking Express

    Chungking Express


    i love how wong kar-wai manages to show both love and loneliness in his films in a very singular way.. the emotions and feelings are pictured as true and raw, i just really appreciate that in his films. after (finally) watching this, i'm sad but i think it's a good kind of sad because when a movie makes me feel so many mixed emotions, and leaves me sobbing, it means i truly lived the movie for what it was : an experience. also, i love faye wong and i said "what a Look" while lovingly staring at the screen every time she had a new outfit