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This review may contain spoilers.

This is what the Jack Ketchum cannibal movies should have been directed like. Man, I really wish movies like this would get more exposure for the film industry. This is a 5 in my book had there been a bit more meat in the second act, but I understand the build up and character development which in turn makes all those little action pieces hit like blunt force trauma. I have to talk about the climax, though, so GIANT spoiler warning.

I am completely desensitized and never thought I would feel that sweet sweet feeling of my jaw hitting the floor, but WOW is the killing in the cave effective. I don't know if the payoff would be such a sucker punch if we the viewers and the characters didn't take this long, emotionally draining journey together. The lack of editing makes it so real and mundane, as if they have done this ritual a thousand times. The way the camera pans around feeding off of everyone, the way the victim spills his guts literally and figuratively, the shit running out of his ass, the way they nail his scalp into his mouth (ruthless), and after all of that-he's just standing in front of them nonchalantly, gnawing on a leg bone like Fred Flintstone HAHAHAHA... It's all fucking GOLD! It really reminds me of butchers, which is disturbing as fuck by the way. I haven't felt this way since Martyrs and that's the best praise I can give this movie. Hats off to Chef Troglodyte.

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