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  • A Swedish Love Story

    A Swedish Love Story

    It works, largely because as the film unfurls it becomes less a cynical parody of humanity (look at all these miserably dumpy fucks) than a Chaplinesque send up of the cinema of Ingmar Bergman. This is most evident in the scenes with Annika's family, who speak the existential crisis dialogue of Bergman's 60s films. The self-absorption of the adults is reflected in the struggles of the teenagers, who like the idyllic children of Chaplin reveal a possibility for a different…

  • Kelly's Heroes

    Kelly's Heroes

    visually, sonically, atmospherically an ancestor to Full Metal Jacket, Saving Pvt. Ryan, Inglorious Basterds, references that I hope will communicate the mixed pedigree of Kelly's Heroes. I really dug it, baby.

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  • HyperNormalisation


    Ultimately, Curtis’ argument is that the oversimplification of complex problems breeds oversimplified solutions, and when these overly simple solutions are implemented—often violently—they produce unintended consequences that further complicate the calculus. I would like to keep this front and center, because while Curtis has many aesthetic and methodological weaknesses, the framing of his thesis remains sound, even if he himself is not fully beholden to it. The case for complexity is a flexible position, one that does not divide political and…

  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

    I’m genuinely surprised by how beautiful and visually interesting the first hour of this film is. I say without hyperbole that it recalled for me Murnau’s Faust, not to compare Snyder to such a master, but hear me out: the film moves seamlessly from instances of photorealism to dreamlike abstraction. The visual and emotional landscape leaps from dreams and legends and fantasies and realities. These moments fold into each other; the lines are blurred. These moments are the highlights of…