I See You

It's funny how much horror takes place in Affluent White Suburbia. You get the feeling that the horror element of these stories is supposed to clash with the setting, but who exactly is surprised when evil stuff happens here? Related: as always, in fiction and in real life, ACAB

some rambling:
anyway I think the movie's fine, definitely a solid 2AM horror contender. The actual character drama is kind of Whatever, but the Drama/Twistiness of the Mystery is enough to keep you on the hook. Your mileage may vary with the structural / storytelling ploy. Without getting too much into it, the movie splits into two narrative threads almost halfway into it and gives you a New Perspective on the 45 minutes you just watched.

It's interesting and cool in theory but... I'm not really a fan. I've seen this set-up a couple of times, and every time I end up wondering why I have to watch the same movie Twice before getting to the ending. It's less of learning new information and more "oh so that's what goes into the Hole we saw earlier."

I think it's an ambitious set-up, but in practice here it feels really rote. It feels like something that works better in video games / interactive fiction. Y'know, like a Visual Novel with branching storylines and multiple endings. You experience each thread on its own, and then as you play through every path, you get a Full picture of the story. A lot of these games also do you the kindness of letting you Fast Forward or straight up Skip the scenes you've seen before on other paths.

I also wonder if it'd be more successful if the Second Narrative Thread barely touches the First Thread. Maybe halfway into the movie we shift gears entirely. Instead of just seeing Literally The Same Scenes but from a different angle, we get entirely new scenes that slowly return us to the First Thread with a new understanding of the movie's world.

full disclosure, i have a bit of a headache so that might be coloring my take lmfao. good night