Black Christmas

Black Christmas ★★★

Imogen Poots really fucking kicks ass in this movie. Between this and The Art Of Self-Defense, she has 2019 on its knees. You love to see it.

When this movie kicks, it kicks hard. Some parts may have lulled a bit, but it goes for the jugular when it needs to. Aleyse Shannon and Imogen are the dynamic duo I didn't know I needed for Q4 of this year.

The third act has some really interesting ideas on toxic masculinity, fraternities, misogyny, and the fragile white male ego. Truly, kudos to queen Imogen for carrying this whole movie with so much ferocity and righteous fury to boot.

I'm not familiar with the original Christmas classic, but this one was good. It's a fast movie, which surprised me right when things were kicking in full gear.

P.S. This movie contains a pivotal song that's co-written by Riki Lindhome. It's quite good, and I smiled when I saw her credited. Knives Out and Black Christmas in the same year!

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