Ready or Not

Ready or Not ★★★★

I'm glad Ready Or Not delivered on the fun vibe I got from the trailer. It looked chaotic, manic, & funny and this movie is all of those things! From the start, everything's been building and building that once it hits its stride, it goes full blast, never letting go once - I was on edge most of the time, putting my hand on my mouth or uttering the casual "fuck" or "shit" or "dark" or "jeez" because it really was.

This movie honestly wouldn't work without Samara Weaving's excellent performance. Her jitters about the wedding turns into this nervous energy then turns into genuine terror and peaks with all of these guttural and horrifying screams, it's actually kind of tiring and stressful to watch her go through all that bullshit. She just cycles through a range of emotions and they always compel me to whisper "yes" or "fuck yeah" when she does something triumphant. A true final girl, again, we have no choice but to fucking stan.

Also loved Adam Brody here - I didn't watch The OC, but Adam has this kind of cultural cache where I know who he is and he delivers so I like him automatically. He does not disappoint, he actually impressed me here, and the way he made me squirm and question whether he's in it or not, that's so great.

The rest of the ensemble also does their best to deliver fun while looking like they had fun. If we were gonna have ABC's Revenge's Henry Czerny, then why didn't we cast Christa B. Allen as the daughter?! Lmao jk... Unless...

Anyways, the best part about this movie is how potent and full of mystery the whole premise is. I wanted to watch more of this and the latter half presented scenes and themes that can be expanded into a full series, like dig deeper and shit. Some of the segments shot looked and sounded like something from a really twisty drama or soap opera, that's not even meant to be offensive. That scene with Mark O'Brien and Andie MacDowell solidified that vibe, it was really good!

Another hallmark of this movie is the really macabre cinematography that Brett Jutkiewicz helmed. The mansion looked so eerie, full of malice, perversion, and secrets, and it all popped onscreen. Brian Tyler's score switched between triumphant and crooked constantly that it definitely helped amp the mood. The Ready Or Not Overture sounded so damn good, definitely fitting for our final girl Grace.

The boardgames were great touches, only the best for the Le Domas game dominion.

This was a fun end to a very up-and-down movie season/hot girl summer/sad boy summer! One for the books!

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