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  • Prey



    Honestly the concept for this movie absolutely rocks and so going in there was a worry that the gap between concept and product would be too wide and impossible to bridge. 

    Luckily Trachtenberg is one hell of a civil engineer. 

    Anyway dumb construction metaphors aside this is great and Amber Midthunder is a rocket ship of acting and fighting. The pay offs and setups are juicy and the deaths a big and bold and brutal. Welcome back Mr. Predator. Sorry you had to be in so many shit movies for a while there.

  • Climax



    Honestly it’s so unpleasantly brilliantly put together that it’s impossible to go lower than a five even though it is chock full with some of worst moments I’ve had to cop in a movie in a long time. 

    Watching this on a DVD was also a dangerous choice because I could see how much time had elapsed v how many fucked things had happened and as the time ticked up but nothing too bad had happened I just marinated in…

Popular reviews

  • F9



    You’ll believe a car can fly.

    There’s a big part of me that wishes this was the movie we got coming out of Lockdown last year rather than Tenet. This feels like a bigger love letter to movies. It is everything this franchise should be and more. It used to be bug me that Toretto felt like a Mary-Sue. But I’m not as annoyed now. I think I finally get it. Dom Toretto isn’t a man. He’s a vibe. And in F9? He’s absolutely humming.

    Congratulations everyone involved. You did it.

  • Muppet Treasure Island

    Muppet Treasure Island


    Dear Letterboxd

    I think it’s time that you made an adjustment to how you list the cast of films, not all films just certain films. You see when you go to the cast page for this movie it lists these other people as playing certain roles when really it should say “Kermit the Frog as Captain Smollett”, “Gonzo as himself” etc. Muppets are actors too and should be listed as such.

    Please make this change to all Muppet films so…