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  • Resilience



    This short (about an hour) documentary throws a lot at the viewer, perhaps too much. The film is primarily a report on two doctors (as well as health care professionals) seeking to identify areas of toxic stress and how those indicators manifest themselves in various types of behavior, mostly in children. This subject requires a much greater amount of time, at least for a full-fledged documentary we can do something with. Perhaps it's only intended as a starting point for viewers to do further research on the subject, but much is skimmed over that could've benefited from a closer (and longer) look.

  • Cabin Boy

    Cabin Boy


    Cabin Boy may not be very good, but it does have an indescribable charm. It's one of those movies you scratch your head, thinking "Who gave this the green light?" but you're also glad it exists. (At least *I* am.)

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  • The Narrow Margin

    The Narrow Margin


    If you’re a film noir lover and want to convert others, The Narrow Margin may just be the best movie to give them. It contains several noir components, but is also a fine thriller in its own right. LAPD Detective Walter Brown (Charles McGraw) and his partner are assigned to travel to Chicago to escort a mob boss’s widow (Marie Windsor) to appear before a Los Angeles grand jury. Only some people in the criminal underworld aren’t very excited about…

  • Vertigo



    I will never, ever stop loving this movie AND being devastated by it.