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  • The Raid

    The Raid


    I'm not a martial arts guy, but I can appreciate everything it must've taken to choreograph these fights scenes. Yet there's a point at which I simply grew numb to it all and felt the thing would never end.

  • The Naked Angel

    The Naked Angel


    This is the first Argentine film discussed at length in the recent book Argentine Cinema: From Noir to Neo-Noir by David George and Gizella Meneses.

    I found the film on YouTube, but without English subtitles, so I didn't understand at least 98% of the dialogue, but gathered most of the plot. The premise: a man facing bankruptcy makes a deal with a wealthy sculptor: the sculptor will lend the man the money he needs on the condition that his…

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  • Vertigo



    I will never, ever stop loving this movie AND being devastated by it.

  • The Narrow Margin

    The Narrow Margin


    If you’re a film noir lover and want to convert others, The Narrow Margin may just be the best movie to give them. It contains several noir components, but is also a fine thriller in its own right. LAPD Detective Walter Brown (Charles McGraw) and his partner are assigned to travel to Chicago to escort a mob boss’s widow (Marie Windsor) to appear before a Los Angeles grand jury. Only some people in the criminal underworld aren’t very excited about…