• Breakdown



    MAN, that was intense!

  • Dune



    While I stand by my belief that the full force of Frank Herbert's novel remains unfilmable, this is an admirable effort. There's simply too much in the novel to properly translate to the screen, yet the script isn't dumbed down, it's just incomplete. Enjoyable.

  • A Bullet Is Waiting

    A Bullet Is Waiting


    You'd have to be a world-class packager to stuff this into a film noir box. I often have a pretty liberal definition of film noir, but it wouldn't include this. A drama, yes, a western drama with just a whiff of film noir. The cinematography and color are wonderful, but that's about it. Too many unbelievable scenes, too much to take on faith with this one. A rare disappointment from one of Indicator's Columbia Noir box sets (#4 in this case).

  • They Won't Believe Me

    They Won't Believe Me


    Noirvember 2021 #4

    “He’s been a bad husband and a bad citizen. But did he commit murder?”

    That’s the question Defense Attorney Cahil (Frank Ferguson) asks the jury during the trial of his client Larry Ballentine (Robert Young), charged with the murder of a woman named Verna Carlson (Susan Hayward).

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  • A Life at Stake

    A Life at Stake


    Noirvember 2021 #3

    “Aren’t you getting a little fresh, Mr. Shaw?”

    “Yeah, maybe I am.”

    If you’ve never heard of A Life at Stake prior to the recent Blu-ray release from The Film Detective, you can be forgiven. The picture is one of many that faded into obscurity in the mid-1950s when theatrical double features were on the way out and people were staying home to watch their televisions.

    Angela Lansbury as a femme fatale? Murder, She Wrote indeed…


  • Laura



    Noirvember 2021 #1

    The film opens with NYPD Lieutenant Mark McPherson (Dana Andrews) investigating the murder of a well-known advertising executive named Laura Hunt (Gene Tierney). Hunt’s death, the result of a shotgun blast to the face in her own apartment, casts suspicion on her fiancé Shelby Carpenter (Vincent Price), Laura’s aunt and Carpenter’s would-be lover (Judith Anderson), newspaper columnist and radio personality Waldo Lydecker (Clifton Webb), and perhaps others. Lydecker jealously hates Carpenter, which McPherson doesn’t need a detective's…

  • Devil in a Blue Dress

    Devil in a Blue Dress


    Noirvember 2021 #2

    Set in 1948, Devil in a Blue Dress is more than just a period noir, or neo-noir, if you will. The film presents us with a different type of film noir detective in Easy Rawlins (Denzel Washington), a man just returning from WWII trying to build a better life for himself. After losing his job (through no fault of his own) at a Los Angeles aircraft plant, Easy accepts an assignment from a sketchy-looking white man named…

  • Fly-By-Night



    Noir City DC 2021

  • Naked Alibi

    Naked Alibi


    Noir City DC 2021

  • Shakedown



    Noir City DC 2021

  • Jealousy



    Noir City DC 2021

  • I Walk Alone

    I Walk Alone


    Noir City DC 2021 - For a long time, I Walk Alone (1947) was a very difficult film to see. Because it was so hard to access, Eddie Muller wasn’t able to give it much attention in the first edition of Dark City in 1997, but in the expanded version the film gets its due. Frankie Madison (Burt Lancaster) and Noll “Dink” Turner (Kirk Douglas) were partners in bootlegging during Prohibition until one night during a smuggling run, the two…