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  • Wide Boy

    Wide Boy


    No, this isn't about a fat kid. A "wide boy" - at least as I understand it - is a British slang term for someone who lives by his wits, as small-time thief Benny (Sydney Tafler) does here when the opportunity for blackmail presents itself. A fairly routine story, but director Ken Hughes does a nice job of making a loser like Benny somewhat sympathetic.

  • El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie

    El Camino: A Breaking Bad Movie



  • The Steel Cage

    The Steel Cage


    Unfortunately a great cast can’t rescue this tedious anthology of three prison stories, all narrated by San Quentin Warden Clinton Duffy (Paul Kelly). In the first, Louis (Walter Slezak), the prison’s chef, is granted parole in order to take a job at a posh restaurant. Louis, however, has a volatile temper, and we believe he’s going to be back in the joint soon. What we can’t believe is the number of coincidences and convoluted details we’re forced to swallow (no…

  • Jubal



    Even if you don't like Westerns, just listen to the David Raksin score, which is brilliant.

  • The Girl in Black Stockings

    The Girl in Black Stockings


    Far better than I'd expected...

  • Mr. Denning Drives North

    Mr. Denning Drives North


    Although I enjoyed this one, it's loaded with problems, mostly in the form of too many coincidences and too much unbelievability. (The shot edits are in many cases incredibly bad.) John Mills, however, is quite good as the man with a tortured conscience. Worth a look.

  • The MacKintosh Man

    The MacKintosh Man


    A real head-scratcher... This film should've been stellar with this cast and John Huston involved, but it's not. Several scenes work well enough on their own, but the film has no heart in either its characters or their motivations. We're never really quite sure what's at stake and why it really matters on a national, international, or personal level. Maybe I'll revisit this one again in a year or two.

  • Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese

    Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese


    Bob and Marty are having some fun with us. The film's full title says it all, but if that's not enough, the opening scene, consisting of old footage of a magician trying to convince us he's making a woman disappear (and reappear) shows us everything we need to know about what's to come. Many of the present-day scenes feel so scripted that the entire film feels more like a mockumentary, which is just fine with me. It's Bob doing his…

  • Bad Times at the El Royale

    Bad Times at the El Royale


    Bad times indeed.

  • Life Begins at Eight-Thirty

    Life Begins at Eight-Thirty


    I'd never heard of this film until a friend of mine told me about it. Lupino fans will not want to miss it, but the standout performance comes from Woolley as a drunken stage actor. An uneven film, but it contains moments of real power and impact. Worth seeking out. (I found it on YouTube.)

  • The Smallest Show on Earth

    The Smallest Show on Earth


    This little gem seems all but forgotten, but I'm hoping people might rediscover it. Read more here:

  • The Young Philadelphians

    The Young Philadelphians


    I like to think of Paul Newman's Tony Lawrence in this film as the young Frank Gavin in THE VERDICT (1982) 23 years later.