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  • Phantom Thread

    Phantom Thread



    The opening lines in Paul Thomas Anderson’s new feature 'Phantom Thread' are spoken by Alma (Vicky Krieps), a young British woman with an indefinite Continental slant in her accent. In hushed, carefully-chosen words, she tries to articulate—to an initially unseen listener—the peculiar topography of her relationship with Reynolds Woodcock, an eminent fashion designer in 1950s London. This fireside chat serves as a framing device, with Alma’s flannel-soft voice occasionally drifting in and out of…

  • Beyond Skyline

    Beyond Skyline


    'Beyond Skyline'—a spinoff/sequel to the dismally crappy, instantly-forgotten 'Skyline' (2010)—is unequivocally a Bad Movie, and not in the winking, kitschy manner of a Syfy original. It essentially depicts the same alien invasion from the first film, but from the perspective of different characters, chiefly a widowed, alcoholic LAPD detective (Frank Grillo). It’s not a *complete* train wreck as action-sci-fi-horror mashups go. The film boasts some decent creature design, solid martial arts from veterans of the ‘Raid’ films, and a certain…

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  • Blade Runner 2049

    Blade Runner 2049

    Hey, look. Someone made a vastly superior PROMETHEUS / ALIEN: COVENANT and it's ironically a sequel to a completely different Ridley Scott sci-fi film.

    Review on Friday.

  • Interstellar




    (Part I)

    Christopher Nolan has created some staggeringly ambitious science-fiction films over the past decade, but 'Interstellar' is the first that brings the genre's scientific components decisively into the foreground. Most conspicuously, the film’s heroes are actual physicists, engineers, biologists, and geographers—and not the curiously incurious “punk rocker” sort, either. (See: 'Prometheus'.) There’s something quaint about filling the cast of a sci-fi feature with characters who are genuine researchers and explorers, the sort of individuals who…