Beyond Skyline ★½

'Beyond Skyline'—a spinoff/sequel to the dismally crappy, instantly-forgotten 'Skyline' (2010)—is unequivocally a Bad Movie, and not in the winking, kitschy manner of a Syfy original. It essentially depicts the same alien invasion from the first film, but from the perspective of different characters, chiefly a widowed, alcoholic LAPD detective (Frank Grillo). It’s not a *complete* train wreck as action-sci-fi-horror mashups go. The film boasts some decent creature design, solid martial arts from veterans of the ‘Raid’ films, and a certain go-for-broke, juvenile nuttiness to its plot swerves. (In one scene, Grillo delivers an alien-human hybrid infant on a spaceship—and that’s just at the film’s halfway point.) However, it’s also stupid, tedious, illogical, and a tonal mess. In other words, it’s an intermittently amusing Bad Movie for the viewer who’s only halfway paying attention. It barely squeaks into the “Hell, Why Not?” pile due to the brain-ripping gusto it displays in earning its R rating.