Incredibles 2 ★★★★

My 'Incredibles 2' galaxy brain moment:

We know from the first 'Incredibles' that Mr. Incredible has a very cool, voice-activated, self-driving sports car, the Incredicar.

In this film we learn that Elastigirl has her own motorcycle, the Elasticycle. In addition to be a very cool, futuristic, high-powered cycle, it can transform on the fly to accommodate her stretchy powers.

Unlike the Incredicar, the Elasticycle is not self-driving. In point of fact, Elastigirl is a fucking pro at driving that motorcycle, riding it like a bat out of hell and pulling off amazing stunts. In fact, as was established in 'Incredibles' and is reiterated here, she's also a world-class pilot. *And* we learn in the new film, she can pilot an enormous boat too.

My theory: Mr. Incredible is actually a mediocre driver, *at best*, if not downright bad at. He feels inadequate about this -- particularly in light of the fact that the woman he married is an ace driver, pilot and helmsman -- so the Incredicar is *designed to do all the work for him*.