Like Me ★½

An exceedingly strange piece of business. Desperately trying to tune into the same wavelengths as 'Natural Born Killers', 'Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas", and 'Ingrid Goes West" (among others). Only without much in the way of humor, momentum, or characterization.

It's not entirely without points of interest. The production design is low-budget indie cheapjack, admittedly, but so gonzo in its vibrant nuttiness that it barely matters. Larry Fessenden steals the show as a paint-huffing motel manager who is doing something like a befuddled, utterly menace-free version of Jack Torrence from 'The Shining'. And the gestures towards a more avant-garde sensibility are pure Film Studies 101, but nonetheless stimulating.

While the tone is all over the place -- psilocybin nightmare or dopey comedy or post-Tarantino 90s thriller? -- the sensation of a looming apocalyptic whimper is consistently maintained. (Think the cultural wasteland equivalent of the original 'Mad Max''s dwindling resource death-spiral.) Ultimately, however, it's all pretty much a meandering nothing-burger, with zilch to say about The Kids Today. It's not half-baked so much as a mess of raw, neon-colored cake batter.