Mayhem ★★

A gleefully profane and bloodthirsty blend of viral apocalypse thriller and 21st century economic satire, director Joe Walsh’s 'Mayhem' is most notable for its unserious approach and for slotting Steven Yeun ('The Walking Dead') into the role of a sarcastic, scumbag antihero. The film’s sci-fi horror conceit—a plague that unleashes infected individuals’ most violent and debased impulses—is just an excuse to quarantine a law firm's high rise office for a gladiatorial free-for-all. Derek (Yeun), a hotshot attorney who has been unjustly canned, joins forces with pissed-off evicted homeowner Melanie (Samara Weaving) and hacks his way to the CEO’s penthouse throne. Never as clever or droll as it thinks it is, 'Mayhem' has all the nuance of a nail gun to the face, and even at 86 minutes, it feels tediously protracted. Still, it’s divertingly bloody fun, and unapologetic in its delight at the sight of the ultra-rich getting some grisly comeuppance.