The Open House

Zero stars.

'The Open House' manages a dubious feat that that didn’t even seem possible: a home-invasion thriller that is somehow even duller than Farren Blackburn’s inexcusably torpid 'Shut In' (2016). The latter film at least resolved its mysteries in semi-coherent, if ludicrous, fashion. In comparison, 'The Open House' concludes with a strangled wheeze, offering absolutely nothing to justify its 90-plus minutes of red herrings and sheer, enervating monotony. After her husband’s accidental death, Naomi (Piercey Dalton) and teenage son Logan (Dylan Minnette) move into a friend’s on-the-market vacation home to put their lives back together. During one of the building’s weekly open houses, however, a visitor apparently lingers behind and then proceeds to terrorize the family. Or not. Who knows? Certainly not directors Matt Angle and Suzanne Coote. Mistaking inertness and vacuity for chilling ambiguity, they pack the film with repetitive, excruciating scenes of characters wandering around a poorly lit McMansion. It’s utterly insufferable and almost maliciously pointless.