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  • The Consequences of Love

    The Consequences of Love


    A very stylish movie, as expected by Paolo Sorrentino. This movie really surprises you all the time and it's not what I expected. A very unique crime drama and Toni Servillo is brilliant! Slow, but beautifully told and very interesting.

  • Caramel



    A very different movie compared to Capernaum (also by Nadine Labaki). It's a beautiful, sweet and funny portrayal of life in Beirut in the 2000's. Nadine Labaki shows here that she's both a great actress and director. I really enjoyed the music and the character Lili was funny.

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  • Ted - Show Me Love

    Ted - Show Me Love


    Ted Gärdestad is one of my favorite swedish musicians, so I wanted this to be good. All the actors did a great job, even though some didn't look like the person they were portraying. The problem with a biopic like this one is that we already know the whole story about his life. The music is obviously wonderful. The voices in his head portrayed as a person wasn't a good idea, should've just been voices.
    All in all, a respectful biopic.

  • Amadeus



    Second viewing makes me realize what a beautiful masterpiece this is! The music, the acting, the clothes and sets, the absurd comedy and the incredible life story (true or false).