Parasite ★★★★

The praise for Bong comes many years late, but not to late.
The news about his excellence isn't anything new although it has never before been this widely acclaimed before.
Parasite is most certainly one of the best films of 2019, few films can match the heart and character of Parasite.
I've been a fan of Bong joon-ho since i first saw Memories of Murder which in my opinion still stands as Bong's best film.
Everything is a metaphor or presents a certain symbolism, as told by one of the characters within the film.
If you're looking for something in this film, it's probably there. Regardless what it's about, society, stereotypes, gender roles, prejudice, poverty or wealth.
After my viewing, it struck me that Parasite probably has the highest re-watch rate of any film i've seen of late.
Kyung-pyo hong, the cinematographer of Parasite shot this in a similar style to last year's favourite "Burning" by great use of reflection and light.
Carefully planned over-head shots and stunning composition, everything serves the feeling of its characters.
Without a doubt a must watch from 2019.

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