The Great Happiness Space: Tale of an Osaka Love Thief ★★★★

”People are not so strong... Especially alone
people are lonely and sad
they are wonderful and shining”

A Great although fairly unknown documentary about a group of hosts (Geisha Boys) in Osaka Japan, telling their story about the life of being the city’s most popular café the so called ”Rakkyo Café”. Mainly featuring Issei who has a staff of twenty-so boys under training to become the next big host in the Osaka underground love scene.
They’re living like family with supressed feelings, their jobs demands it. They learn how to fake relationships, make girls feel special and loved all for the sake of money which comes in plenty. The reality of their lives is complex but a necessity.
The film with just a runtime of 76 minutes has a clear direction, admirable editing and the most interesting narrative.
If this is not one of the saddest documentaries about a fairly unknown culture i don’t know what is.
Highly recommended for those that are interested to seek this gem out.