Under the Silver Lake ★★★★

Under the Silver Lake must be one of the most underrated films of this year. Being premiered during this year’s Cannes and running for Palme d’or, it’s early leak is hyped but a let down upon a first watch amongst fans of David Robert Mitchell. Maybe because of his previous film ”It Follows” which gathered a huge audience, and is deemed a success within the box office.
Garfield’s character must be one of his best ones yet, the fact that he barely smokes weed during the film and still acts like he smoked a ton of G’s is perfect. You buy it because that’s how he is and the world goes around him. He’s the center of the universe and things don’t make sense and you buy it, because you know it’s that kind of world not too far from Paul Thomas Andersons Inherent Vice.
Personally i think Under the Silverlake is a fantastic homage to the pynchonesque story.

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