Favorite films

  • Wisconsin Death Trip
  • The White Ribbon
  • Too Old to Die Young
  • The Night of the Hunter

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  • The Phenomenon


  • The Thief Collector


  • Unclenching the Fists


  • Pickup on South Street


Recent reviews

  • Burning Days

    Burning Days


    A somber neo-noir thriller that develops mostly in intimate interiors all the while the influence of a community on a newcomer slowly closes in. The tension methodically leaks into every scene where the contrasting scenes of blistering sunlit landscapes and the dark and shadowy interiors accentuate the rising conflict and the atmospheric moods possessed in this film. The opener sets a metaphorical tone that stays present through its entirety. While the characters in the film intimidate and insinuate so does the film itself and like all good mysteries, it leaves us pondering much of what it unveils.

  • Winter Boy

    Winter Boy


    Lucas, a gay teenage boy living in France, struggles with his family and emotional instability after the death of his father in an automobile accident. What stuck with me in this film was the film's young male lead played by Paul Kircher and the character he represents. Occupying a state of severe emotional vulnerability while maintaining incredible empathy and having a deep understanding of his emotional complexities though not possessing the skills to deal with them. Losing a parent at…

Popular reviews

  • Badlands



    Terrence Malick’s debut cinematic masterpiece is a tragic tale of youth and disillusionment. 25 year old Kit (Martin Sheen) befriends Holly (Sissy Spacek) who at just 15 knows nothing of the world outside her small Texas suburb. With very few friends, the lonely and naive Holly lives under the sheltered veil of an overprotective father (Warren Oates) in a loveless household. When Kit appears in her life his sanctimonious nature attracts impressionable Holly, making his wisdom seem like it’s coming…

  • Aftersun



    Reflections of Sophie’s childhood and a particular summer with her troubled father some twenty years earlier as memories fade and fantasy and reality blend creating echoes of memories experienced in the present. Sophie looks back at the father she knew and the pain he carried which he protected her from. Like putting a puzzle together that slowly reveals the past, Aftersun is an exploration of memories to reveal questions that we may not have understood then but only understand after there is nobody left to answer them.