Princess ★★★★

12-year-old Adar has a complicated relationship with her mother and a more civil one with her stepfather, though signs of a bizarre family dynamic emerge instantly. We seen Adar’s constant truancy coinciding with the stepfather mysteriously losing his job, placing them in each other’s company for the entire day while Adar’s mother is at work. Adar’s absence from school results in making a new friend who borders on a doppelgänger as day to day occurrences merge into the surreal and dreamlike. What Shalom-Ezer has done here is show a very real reaction to how children may process abuse and how they may protect themselves from harm with the best of their ability if they are alone and have very little tools at their disposal. Everything in this film worked, including the creative ways it tells a story on a provocative subject. Similar to the film Fortuna, but I found this one much more effective in the way it was told.

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