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  • The House That Jack Built

    The House That Jack Built


    I can’t believe this movie. Hit every sweet spot for me but I can really see how this is gonna be torn to pieces by general audiences. Seeing the directors cut was something I’ll never forget, people were literally bolting for the exit at a few of the scenes. Nothing too over the top gore wise but the way the violence is shown almost makes it look like art.

  • Halloween III: Season of the Witch

    Halloween III: Season of the Witch


    Love this movie more and more every time I watch it.

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  • Kill List

    Kill List


    I put this movie off for a long time but I am glad I finally watched it. One of the most suspenseful thrillers I’ve ever seen and the last 45 minutes is just pure horror. I didn’t expect anything and the direction it chooses to take is just full throttle. Perfect amount of action and enough dread to make you feel like you need a nap after. Highly recommended.

  • Venom



    This movie in no way is as bad as people are saying it is. I feel like people wanted to hate this movie from the start, including me. I went in with low expectations but honestly had fun. And for a movie based on venom you really can’t ask for more than that. Sure it had its flaws but it was based to please the “action figure” crowd and I was happy with that. Fun popcorn entertainment with crazy sequences and vulgar humor. Like I said, what more could you honestly ask for? The next Homecoming? With fucking venom? No. Go see it. Go have fun.