Targets ★★★★★

Wow! So much more advanced than I expected - by far the most interesting Bogdanovich film I've seen in terms of form and applied ideas - also the most modern, which is an interesting thing to say about someone who's such a self-styled classicist (has more in common with his peerage, early Lucas etc). The parallel crosscutting is provocative - impositional and obviously dialectic; all the while it removes the film from conventionality, the form being the impartial bridge between old and new - and, in a sense, the ultimate symbol of the pervasive change in 60s cultural consciousness. 

Bogdanovich also directs the hell out of this, especially the final sequence with the mirrored screen (a cliche maybe? but irresistible) - and the short forays into handheld camera are truly foreboding, almost like culture splintering before your eyes.

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