Before Midnight

Before Midnight

if you've been following me on here for a while you might have noticed a little pattern i subconsciously followed when it came to this trilogy. I watched sunrise in 2018, sunset in 2019 and now midnight all of which wasn't intentional at all, 3 different movies for 3 completely different times in my life.

I have been pushing away watching the end here for emotional reasons at the start but i ended up forgetting about it until today when i decided that it was time. These movies transcend everything I'm not gonna sit here and bore you to death with another long write up like my entries for the previous two but it's pretty evident just how they can affect anyone who watches them its the signature, emotionally stinging linklater charm. I wrote down some notes while watching this, notes about how it feels like a meditation about not only the evolution of jesse and celine but of the world around them, notes about how it doesn't really have that magical aura around it or that fullness like the previous but that's okay because that in itself is a perfect look at how we tend to approach love and emotions as they dissolve over time.

I was waiting for it to get nasty between jesse and celine and it really does but for some reason it turned way too cliche for me. i guess i expected a little bit more flair but that is all right, all our relationships always end up sizzling away anyways. thinking about this trilogy sometimes makes my head hurt so again, i'm not gonna get deep into it, just gonna be somber for a couple days.

we're all just passing through

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