Captain Marvel ★★★½

stumbles everywhere, weak script sometimes, jumbled characters that feel like pieces of wood and important plot points just brushed over in a second. at times this feels like a mini mess but when it’s good.... it’s GOOD. empowering scenes drown out the missteps and the (surprisingly) funny jokes make this one hell of an entertaining ride. brie larson brings all the charm it’s obvious she put every ounce of her energy into this role and i’m glad she did her back is breaking from carrying this film. now i have to give credit where credit is due sam jackson obviously had a fun time doing this by bringing us a different fury than the one we’re used to even if he seems much dumber and less serious. 
once everything starts making sense the movie turns into an adventure of self discovery and it ditches all the boring expository scenes that made it feel like a drag. the final half is pure space candy and although the CGI might be a little iffy it’s still insane seeing brie larson let loose it was worth the ticket price alone. all we have left to see now is captain america’s death! can’t wait!

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