Django Unchained

Django Unchained ★★★★★

The last time I watched this masterpiece was 2 years ago and I didn't even finish it so this is technically my "first" time 

Tarantino couldn't have tarantinoed better if he tried. We see all the marks that we're used to seeing in each and every one of his movies, but this time they are fleshed out even more. Even the blood-splattering violence is dialed up a notch, coming close to Kill Bill (aka the best Tarantino movie).            

 The slow burn feel adds to the grandeur atmosphere, demanding that we get sucked into the story and I didn't feel bored or lost in the whole 3 hours.                  

This movie could be separated into three different mini movies each unique with its own tone and feel but they link and mix together so smoothly and peacefully and we end up with a wonderfully written and superbly acted arthouse film.

Forget The Revenant, Leo should've won that Oscar for this. 

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