Rush ★★★½

ron howard has a special way of making real people feel very authentic, his work behind the lens truly humanizes these two giants. the screenplay is tight and the camerawork is even tighter, it was exhilarating watching the cars zip across the screen and the tense moments really had me clenching my hands together hoping nothing happens to chris hemsworths perfect face. i do watch formula 1 from time to time but i’ve never seen it so ferocious and intimate its always just people in expensive cars racing around but this movie put it all in perspective for me. the two lead performances are excellent i’m still not sure if daniel brühl is a very good actor or just very good at doing accents but either way i really like to see him do his thing. 
i’ve been going through a little movie drought these past few days for a nubmer of reasons but hopefully this quality work gets me back on the grind and out of this slump!