The Last Duel

The Last Duel ★★★

Perhaps, this is Ridley Scott’s best film in about a decade. Apparently, this Rashomon-like tale more follows the trail of Scott’s directorial debut, The Duellists, than his more famous historical sagas like Gladiator or Kingdom of Heaven. That even if it means it is less epic in scale and emotions, it’s still, fortunately, dense enough in its aesthetic and dramatic situations — and yes, let’s face it, after George R. R. Martin every epic tale appears to have a happy ending. Honestly, this whole “#MeToo in the days of yore” idea could easily turn me off but, again fortunately, Scott has so much wit and taste to know how he needs to depict all these nowadays clichéd and dictated codes and issues without coming across as neither irritating nor ridiculous.

Side Note: I should confess, sometimes I have this feeling that this is the worst time for being a film critic and trying to act logically impartial. I don’t think cinema has ever succumbed to be a “propaganda machine” to such extent. Well, don’t get me wrong... surely, still there are films (like The Last Duel) that are doing better than the rest but every once in a while I believe I need to boycott watching all these new films for the sake of my sanity.