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  • Killing



    The first 30 minutes is great. I like the fast editing to amp up slow (as always) jidaigeki genre.

    But that wore off so quick that I am bored for the rest. Lucky it is just 1:12 hours.
    Else I will turn it off and sleep instead.

  • The Forest of Love

    The Forest of Love


    Pretty standard Sion Sono stuff. Conservative families make bad children and females hate each other narrative. 

    The amount of misogyny is why I never liked Sion Sono although he is a very unique director. 

    Mitsuko, Kyoko, Taeko, Noriko, Keiko, Yoko, Eiko ....urgh I started to hate that 子 word cuz of him. What are we females to you huh? Little kids or little toys? I am especially pissed here cuz there are three!!!!

    Just watch Love Exposure, Why don't you play in hell? and Himizu again.

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  • Every Day a Good Day

    Every Day a Good Day


    The world needs more of movies like this.
    Simple, Elegant with a meaningful view on life.
    The 24 years journey of Noriko really soothes me.

    Sometimes, when things don't happen, you need to wait.
    Sometimes, bad things happen to you, accept it and don't keep on it.
    When good things happen, savour it to the fullest.
    When we do things, put our hearts to the fullest. Gentleness, precision and elegance come from our hearts.

    We really tend to forget to enjoy our life nowadays and worry too much.

  • Tampopo



    Ok this came out as the best from this marathon.
    Food, action, comedy, drama, romance, sex ...all in one!!!
    That Egg Yolk scene caught me off guard😅