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  • Knives Out

    Knives Out


    Biggest plot twist of this film was in the last ten minutes when two women in the theatre started yelling the n-word, called all white people rich for paying for a $12 movie ticket, and stood in front of the movie screen just to piss off people that had told them to please be quiet. Long story short, five police cars showed up and I had a very nice conversation with an old dude about how wild that whole situation was.
    Not totally sure how the movie ended (I could not see or hear) but still loads of fun.

  • Booksmart



    All rise for king Jared.

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  • Saw



    I actually need to say my piece on this movie because I have no words.
    I wanted to like this movie so badly. I have to confess, I love torture porn. I absolutely adore it. My guilty pleasure. To me, Saw just didn't hold up to the hype???
    I am dissapointed mainly because this story had so much POTENTIAL!!!! I was actually invested in the happenings of Adam and Lawrence bro fr!!!! The experience went to shit when flashbacks and…

  • Show Dogs

    Show Dogs


    "I think everyone deserves to choose love for themselves...even if...they are a dog."