i made this account hoping it would make me want to watch more movies and its working kinda

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  • Kes



    the teacher yelling at the kids and saying their generation is bad and theyre not like their fathers just proves that adults have always said "kids today are spoiled, lousy, good for nothing, lazy" and its just because they dont care to understand children or treat them nicely :(

  • After


    life changing

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  • Ethos



    turkish television and entertainment has long been, and still is, mostly a place for secular, westernized turks. this has changed a lot in the past 20 years but even today you can't see a hijabi character on screen thats actually young and not someones grandma whos just wearing it out of tradition. asides from that, kurdish used to be banned not just in television but in public spaces as well. kurdish characters are portrayed usually as terrorists or working class…

  • Mustang


    i watched (couldnt finish) this a while ago yet didnt feel like reviewing until now.
    knowing how successful this is in the west yet how many turks despise it should tell you a lot. the director was raised in france as the child of a diplomat and you can tell how far away both she and the actors are to the movie's message and anatolian culture. it has no sincerity, no genuinety and terrible acting. i couldnt finish it because…