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  • Jurassic World Dominion

    Jurassic World Dominion


    Jurassic World Dominion is a vastly disappointing entry that's easily the worst Jurassic yet. Appropriately, it is the film equivalent of going on the same amusement park ride for the 50th time. You see familiar imagery that reminds you of the first time you got on, and how much you enjoyed it, but boredom eventually prevails. Most - scratch that, all - of the wonder that Spielberg was able to conjure so effortlessly in that first film, that sense of…

  • Transformers



    Transformers turns 15 in July, and I celebrate this milestone with it - yet another hugely popular blockbuster film that was influential to my discovery of the power of movies even as a 6-year-old in 2007.

    Not as universally acclaimed as some of the other movies I was able to experience when I was a kid, it didn't matter in the slightest. It didn't take much for Transformers to wow me. The very concept of everyday vehicles actually being alien…

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  • Nope



    It all started with a black man on a horse.

    A love letter to filmmaking, and especially the behind-the-scenes film crews, so often the unseen victims of erasure from moviemaking history while trying to capture the impossible. An unabashed blockbuster that seeks to provide pure popcorn thrills and entertainment, with nods to genre greats like Planet of the Apes, Close Encounters and Akira. A complex melding of horror, science fiction and western that still lovingly relies on its influences as…

  • Boiling Point

    Boiling Point


    r/Letterboxd Film Raffle #23
    Film Recommended by Ivan Jones

    Unrelenting even in its short runtime, making full use of its one-take format to thrust you into as much tension and uncomfortable territory as possible. The way the film builds in intensity, before taking a quick breather to follow a single character, before you realise you're not just looking at filler but a major point in his/her development, and then for the film to repeat that process at least five more…

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  • Reminiscence



    Lisa Joy combines an original sci-fi concept with the genre conventions of a noir to craft a romance seemingly spanning across time itself. The core initial premise, of human civilisation turning to past memories to escape a post-war world where the days are scorching and the waters flood cities, is a great one. Reminiscence is at its best when it explores these ideas and tells its story by those rules. The (naturally) exposition-heavy first act uses this process of reminiscence…

  • Tiong Bahru Social Club

    Tiong Bahru Social Club


    Tiong Bahru Social Club is a pleasant surprise - I expected the local film's exceedingly above-average production value, but did not anticipate its sentiment and heartfelt nature. Tan Bee Thiam wraps a melancholic longing for the simpler "kampong" days in shiny pastel packaging, and while the film is technically brilliant compared to most other local films, the film's affection will be what you take away, especially if you know of the history between the Pearl Bank apartments around Chinatown.