Malignant ★★★

Malignant is batshit bonkers. I will always appreciate James Wan for putting a camera on literally EVERYTHING and being a crazy visual storyteller, and this film is no exception. He is the real star of the show here and a lot of the appeal of Malignant comes from his action sequences in particular. They are gripping to behold, especially after the scope of the film's story is revealed in an insane plot twist. Sadly, Wan's horror scares are nowhere near the same level of quality. They're endlessly repetitive and predictable after, like, the fourth time you hear something in the background and see a light flicker. Wan's directorial talent is also let down by a subpar ensemble cast and a contrived script featuring some of the worst dialogue I've heard all year. It's probably in the ballpark of 90% exposition and I literally don't care for any of the characters. What Malignant has going for it is shock value and body horror for days. I have a feeling this will be a ton of fun at the movies with a big group of friends, so of you go in with that mindset you'll at least be entertained - even if Malignant isn't a slam dunk from a master of modern horror.

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