Freehold ★★★


31 Days of Halloween - October 3

Freehold isn't really a horror film. It plays more out like a gross dark comedy - home invasion type of film that touches the creepy regions.

The filmmakers used the one set location very effectively, is never feels dull for a moment.

The best part of the movie is Javier Botet. He's mostly always cast for his alienated presence. His body is strangely build and he's got very long arms and legs (the scene when he lies under the bed you can see how long they actually are). He's best known for his roles in REC, IT (2017), Mama and Slender Man. You can't miss him, he's the most odd looking guy !

In Freehold he plays his part as tormentor very well, you clearly can see he's having a ball. First he's starting off with some subtle pranks, as further we go these events are getting heavier and more sinister.

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