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This review may contain spoilers. I can handle the truth.

This review may contain spoilers.

Taking a rest from watching Bleach the anime I noticed Joe Bob Briggs is back. Taking me back to my youth I had to watch it. This is the first movie on his 26 hour marathon.

I think the dolls have psychic/telepathic powers. Boy stops at a old building to get his tire fixed and the dolls mind fuck him and throw glass at him until he is dead. The whole time the dolls are maniacally laughing.

His friends start looking for him. The three bimbos go skinny dipping and shocker no nudity. Really weird scene to have. A old guy shows up with a gun and offers help. The go to his shop of horrors and start sneaking off one by one and getting caught up with the dolls or the crazy texas chainsaw brother who has super strength.

1 friend was turned in a doll, the other girl and boy are tied in a basement by the TCM brother who has telepathic powers. The last friend tries to run away but is chased by TCM who has a screaming doll head. She shoots him with blank shotgun shots and reveals there is no brother.

WTF is going on, the dolls can talk. I'm not sure if there is supernatural or not in this movie.

TCM is in love with the blonde girl and has her tied to a bed. The scene with soup and crackers and doll is creepy as crap. Not even sure what is goin on.

Ms impossible top and guy make an escape but ms top got caught and shot at by dolls and gets a tomahawk in the back of the head.

The blonde was just being cared for by a woman. Real life woman who was a doll in the next scene. Starting to think narcotics are involved and everyone is high as kites and seeing shit.

All this craziness cause his real wife and brother were whoring behind his back. So he killed them both, guess he has always had powers to control dolls or telepathic powers and the cheating drove him to be a psycho.

WTF, curly dude broke in the room to save ms blonde. She is screaming to kill the psycho. The psycho says he cant, then takes Jerry apart like a doll. First the arm then the head. Is everyone a doll in this psychos doll house. They don't even know if they are a doll themselves. Am I doll and don't know it. This movie has me so confused.

She hits the killer with an axe after loosing her own shit. Then drives down the road with her 4 doll friends. So weird!
This movie is a 2.5, but is so off the wall it gets a free 1/2 star.