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  • Skyscraper



    It’s not Die Hard. It’s not The Towering Inferno. It is however fast moving action scenes with even faster camera movement. Like the kind where you say “what’s happening, who’s that?” All I can say really is “meh”. The Rock always brings it though. He’s humble, charismatic and larger than life. It’s the “larger than life” that’s becoming a problem. Let’s go back to “Walking Tall” 2004. Great movie and a great role. The Rock was very believable and natural…

  • It



    Did the creators read the book ? All style with no substance. A collection of scenes with no fluid story.  A millennials confused version of what they think the 80’s looked like. Vulgar and rude kids can be hilarious, if they have heart and some sort of convincing back story. If not, they’re just vulgar and rude for the sake of it. It’s like someone tried to cram “The Sandlot” into “Stranger Things”.

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  • The Blues Brothers

    The Blues Brothers


    One of the quintessential 80s movies. And there’s no way it could be made today. Besides lines like this “Lots of space in this mall” the scene below is worth the price of admission. 
    (Restaurant scene with Aretha Franklin) 
    Aretha as the waitress “We got two honkies out there dressed like Hasidic diamond merchants”
    Matt “Say What?” 
    Aretha “They look like they’re from the CIA or something”
    Matt “What’d they want to eat?”
    Aretha “Thd tall one wants white bread…

  • Red Sparrow

    Red Sparrow


    I’ll write more later. For now all I can say is thst I was delighted to see a Hollywood movie that took some chances. Dabbling in a clever “New Cold War” and the exotic mystique of sexy international spies using their bodies and minds to infiltrate the minds of their enemies. Jennifer Lawrence “brought it” and I was sold on the idea of her as a beautiful Russian woman forced into the life and finds she had a knack for it, and dives deeper into the life of a Red Sparrow.